The City’s Finest, LLC

The City’s Finest, LLC is a full service security company specializing in supplemental law enforcement services for taxing districts, corporate and private events. It designs, and installs advanced internet protocol camera networks. The SBD purchased its cameras and their installation from The City’s Finest. It employs off duty SLMPD police officers. The uniformed officers patrol the SBD in a marked vehicle, bicycle or on foot. At the monthly meetings, Charles Betts provides the crime statistics and analysis for the security reports. 

The City’s Finest website:


Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative (CWE NSI) 

The Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI) was formed in 2007 to respond more efficiently to crime.  NSI has excelled in bringing accountability to supplemental  patrols and has adopted the latest security tools and strategies. It has taken advantage of effective communication with law enforcement and prosecution. It also works to educate and empower the Central West End Community. It works closely with Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department, supplemental security companies, residents and businesses to unify prevention efforts and to respond more efficiently to crime as a community. Its Court Advocate tracks criminal cases and promotes safety by encouraging participation in court proceedings. The SBD employs the NSI to monitor and maintain the security cameras and provide relevant video to police investigations. Jim Whyte, Executive Director, compiles the monthly safety and security reports and responds to Commissioners’ questions. A SBD Commissioner has a seat on the NSI Board.

CWE NSI website:


Top Care, Inc

Top Care, Inc. is a full-service commercial landscaping company that sets the standard in landscape management and customer service. The SBD employs it to maintain the appearance of Lasater Plaza.



Pet Waste Stations

Our dog-walking residents enhance the vitality and security of the District. Some apartment buildings furnish dispensers and pet waste stations for their tenants. Many walkers clean up after their pets with their own glove-bags. With the cooperation of management companies and condominium associations, the District provides pet waste stations to further comply with the City ordinance (See Pet Waste Station Map).

Our stations have polite signage, locked dispensers, and convenient waste cans. They are adjacent to public sidewalks and face the street. They do not block the facades of the residences, and no advertising is permitted. The District supplies all bags. Civic-mined volunteers maintain the stations. 

To report any concerns please contact Mike at 314-454-1979.

Park Central Development

In partnership with community stakeholders, Park Central Development works to strengthen and attract investment that creates and maintains vibrant neighborhoods and commercial districts in the great city of Saint Louis. The SBD engaged Park Central Development services for administrative services January, 2019. It prepares the Board Monthly Packets and financial statements. It schedules monthly meetings and updates the SBD website. At the direction of the Board, the Administrator performs specific tasks. 

Park Central Development website: