The DeBaliviere Place Special Business District (SBD) is a special taxation district within the DeBaliviere Place Neighborhood (47), and a sliver of the Skinker DeBaliviere Neighborhood (46).  For the protection and enjoyment of the property owners and the general public, the SBD focuses on:

  • Public safety and security,
  • Improve cleanliness, beautification, and infrastructure,
  • Marketing, and SBD promotion.

The SBD is managed by a 7-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor. The Commissioners serve four year terms without compensation. Any SBD resident or property owner may serve on the Board. The Board initiated its first meeting in January 2016. The fix term for the SBD is 10 years. 

At the April 7, 2015 election, SBD residents and property owners approved $0.85 on one hundred dollars assessed valuations for 2015-2024. The Board files a Annual Budget with the Board of Aldermen with estimated projected revenues of about $330,000. 

Major services within the SBD include providing police patrols, monitoring security cameras, landscaping Lasater Plaza and maintaining Pet Waste Stations. A pedestrian lighting project in the 5300 block of Pershing Avenue was completed in 2021. The project provided 30 granitoid lampposts with LED fixtures. 

At its monthly meetings, the Board discusses the financial report, security report and pending business.  The meetings are open to the public. Residents and property owners  are encouraged to express their concerns during Public Comments.

Our Board

  • Sid Chakraverty, President
  • Bobbie Butterly, Treasurer
  • Kathryn Ruth
  • Sherrone Beatty
  • Charles Wiltsch
  • Neil Costello
  • Open renter board seat
Interested parties may complete the application and send it to  Application for Board Members

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