“Here are some of the reasons I love living in DeBaliviere Place:
DeBaliviere Place has great corner cafes, restaurants and wine bars to offer residents. The humongous Sycamores along Pershing and Waterman give us a wonderful shade canopy all summer long. The neighborhood is diverse in age, race and ethnicity and everyone is very friendly. Furthermore, housing prices are still reasonable compared to other nearby neighborhoods…and with Wash U and BJC growing towards us from two directions, real estate is a great investment in DeBalivere Place.

Proximity is key in DeBaliviere Place! The neighborhood sits right next to Forest Park, with all of the trails, museums, fireworks, concerts and balloon races just a few minutes’ walk away. All of the hot spots on Euclid Ave. and the Delmar Loop are walkable within 15 to 20 minutes. To get downtown, depending on weather and the time I’ve got, I can walk, bike, scooter, drive, bus or Metrolink my way there.

Speaking of MetroLink, public transportation options are easy and plentiful in DeBaliviere Place. We are home to the most convenient Metrolink stop in the whole, with routes to the airport, downtown or the Galleria with no transfers needed. Additionally, the new Loop Trolley will run directly through our neighborhood.

And with our new neighborhood SBD, DeBaliviere Place is only going to get better!”

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